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    Non-Purse Purses For Every Occassion

    Purses are cancelled

    Metal Lunchbox for Work/Play


    Not only for lunch. These bad boys come in all shapes, sizes, and styles (you'd be surprised at how seriously some people take portable lunch) to mix and match with any outfit.

    Chinese Takeout Box for A Night Out


    Okay hear me out: the boxes are simple, understated, unexpected, and they fit everything you need (phone, keys, cash, ID, lipstick).

    Trick-Or-Treat Pail for Halloween

    This was my go-to accessory last October. The pumpkin purse livens up any look and welcomes free candy. Patiently waiting for this to blow up.

    Picnic Basket for Springtime Strolls


    Pair it with a sun dress and you've got a flippin' look.

    Mini Cooler for The Beach


    A cute, chunky accessory that doubles for beer storage? I might use this all year round.