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People In Your 20s, Tell Me All The Weird Stuff About Adulthood You're Still Getting Used To

So many things are just SO confusing. I need as much advice as possible.

Being in your 20s is so confusing. Whether you've been working for a while and still feel like you're figuring it out or whether you've only just graduated college, I know there have been some things that have surprised you, even just a little bit.

4 college grads, 2 men and 2 women, in graduation robes. text reads "me and my friends, not realizing just how much our lives are about to change forever," with ironically happy cowboy and star-eye emojis

So, tell me: what about life has totally surprised you in your 20s?

If there are tips you wish you'd known earlier about work-life balance, let us know; tips about meal prepping, the best ways to commute, or how to manage fitting in a trip to the gym are all soooo helpful.

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Maybe it's social stuff, like how jarring it can be to go from seeing friends almost every day in college to seeing them once a month. Maybe you wish you'd kept going out more into your 20s, or maybe you've found that for you, it's been better to stay in and work on yourself. Tell us about it!

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Financial tips are a big one; I was lucky and got good advice early on, and even so, I still wish I'd done some things differently! Maybe you wish you hadn't gone on that vacation to Cabo and had saved the money for a car, instead. (Or maybe, you wish you'd taken more vacations.) Maybe you have advice about setting up a 401k (blegh...) or just investing in general. Either way, tell us!

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It's so weird to look around in your 20s and see how everybody is at suuuch different life phases all of a sudden. If one friend you know is making $500K at their tech job and another is making $30K as a personal assistant, it can be pretty strange. And if you've found it weird that friends are suddenly getting married and having kids, TELL US!

Whatever has happened in your 20s, I know that something — anything! — has been weird as hell. After school, there's no guidebook to life anymore, and it's easy to feel a little aimless. So, if you like, tell me allllllll about it in the comments below. Or, if you want, you can fill out this anonymous Google form. I'm excited to read all your responses — your story may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!