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    15 Absolutely Hilarious Fails From The Internet This Week That I Curated Just For You Because I Love You

    "I tried to lift the board. It let off an air horn throughout the whole store."

    BuzzFeed writer here! Your one and only source into the scandalous fails of twitter dot com. Welcome to the weekly post where I curate hilarious fails for my beautiful audience. Let's get to the good stuff, shall we?

    1. The state of modern airplane etiquette:

    Twitter: @fklein907

    2. Whatever a "Chicago Fee" is:

    Twitter: @flvckojamie

    3. This dinner:

    Twitter: @audiohymn

    4. This thievery, on so many levels:

    Twitter: @xo_dreamyy

    5. Not only forgetting about your email address's horrifying SpongeBob profile picture, but proceeding to email out your résumé:

    Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @itgirlposts

    6. When I'm trying to meet the word count for an essay:

    Twitter: @nickhexum311

    7. This McDonald's order. Although these days, this might be a good trick to bring back free sauce...

    Twitter: @shockproofbeats

    8. This passive-aggressive dating app rejection:

    Twitter: @frozenedamame

    9. Cat ownership:

    Twitter: @j3wtalian

    10. This misunderstanding:

    Twitter: @D0ROG4YA

    11. This man named Jack who took time off from work:

    Twitter: @hiyajackk

    12. This, because what are you even supposed to do? Not sneeze?

    Twitter: @ghoulhag

    13. Misunderstanding the concept of a cereal bar:

    Twitter: @weirddalle

    14. Having a nice worm cup of coffee:

    Twitter: @HELLA_GIRTH

    15. And finally, this; presented without comment, except to state that I myself would not recover:

    Twitter: @singingbirth

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