15 Unfortunate But Incredibly Funny Fails From The Internet This Week That Make Me Glad People Share Their Pain For The Rest Of Us To Enjoy

    "I thought this was a thing all Irish people did, but it turns out my mom just thought it was funny."

    Hello, hello and happy Tuesday, gorgeous people of the internet. I'm delighted to inform you that your quest is at an end: You have indeed made it to Julia's Weekly Funny Fails Post™, the famous post wherein I share the funniest fails I've found on the internet this week. Enjoy!

    1. This hilarious "morning routine":

    My completely realistic morning routine I wrote at 11 years old pic.twitter.com/8ECrXUwtBO

    — Marisa (Normal Girl) (@VEINSVEINSVElNS) March 13, 2024

    2. This attempt at signaling kindness:

    i casually mentioned to my wife how ive started smiling with my eyes at work to signal no-threat and increase a sense of camaraderie and she's like "what what do you mean smile with your eyes" and i showed her and she told me to never make that face again

    — recluse; (@cosine_distance) March 12, 2024
    Twitter: @cosine_distance

    3. This student who actually did manage to make me laugh out loud:

    i'm letting my students use an audiobook if that's how they prefer to read the novel and my one student gone ask me if there are subtitles... i said yeah.. the book???? lmfoadndnjxbd god help

    — jalisa. (@yayaflockaflame) March 13, 2024
    Twitter: @yayaflockaflame

    4. Beware the Ides of March, Lil SZA:

    MY BOYFRIEND YALL pic.twitter.com/xCoeiZaUwU

    — rinzu (@MATCHALUV3R) March 13, 2024
    Twitter: @MATCHALUV3R

    5. This friend dynamic (and Buttons, for even thinking about wearing that shirt):

    One of my husband's high school friends is called "Buttons" and I thought it was because he wore a button-down shirt once 15 years ago, but I was just informed he never actually wore the shirt, he was just considering it. and now he must deal with the consequences for eternity

    — Ej Dickson (@ejdickson) March 14, 2024
    Twitter: @ejdickson

    6. This, because why?

    it’s just me and this onion i keep around as a pet pic.twitter.com/WDZmgcwUtG

    — anna (@sorbit0l) March 17, 2024
    Twitter: @sorbit0l

    7. The guy in this pub (I hope he's doing well):

    I loved Saint Patrick's day in Boston it was like if everyone got a concussion during the purge. One year I lost my keys in a pub and a guy gave me one of his keys to make me feel better

    — raina (@quakerraina) March 17, 2024
    Twitter: @quakerraina

    8. This story that made me want to cry and laugh at the same time:

    when i first broke my leg as a kid my mom tucked me in that night with shrek 2 playing. but she forgot i couldn’t move and put the remote just BARELY out of my reach. i woke up and had to listen to THIS FUCKING MENU FOR HOURS WHILE SOBBING LMFAO 😭 pic.twitter.com/1XuRXWS0wT

    — bre 🐝 (@aantlerqueen) March 16, 2024
    Dreamworks / Via Twitter: @aantlerqueen

    9. Undressing your Drumstick. Why?

    am i the only one that does this ?? pic.twitter.com/pM36qLkIDw

    — jassjanaee (@amourxjasss) March 13, 2024
    Twitter: @amourxjasss

    10. This daughter has a vision, and she requires it be executed:

    Y’all my daughter gave my very strict guidelines on how I can show up to school on her birthday. PLEASE HELP ME !!!!! pic.twitter.com/QXA6tNu23r

    — and curl the wig (@pollygotsole) March 14, 2024
    Twitter: @pollygotsole

    11. This Easter soda display:

    the most american photo doesn’t exi- pic.twitter.com/r5O0BLXzGi

    — Adam (@adamgreattweet) March 16, 2024
    Twitter: @adamgreattweet

    12. This relatable but unfortunate moment:

    went to the bookstore after having 3 mimosas and accidentally spemt $300

    — anna livia (@not_a_heather) March 16, 2024
    Twitter: @not_a_heather

    13. Whatever is going on on YouTube:

    not exactly sure what the goal is here but i’m intensely focused pic.twitter.com/oeOjhGIQzk

    — horse dentist (@equine__dentist) March 17, 2024
    Twitter: @equine__dentist

    14. These kids who got hoodwinked by this hilarious mom:

    every year on st. paddy’s my mom would give us each a cabbage leaf and we would wear them on our heads like a little hat while we ate our corned beef. i thought this was a thing all irish people did but it turns out my mom just thought it was funny. found out in college.

    — erin chack (@ErinChack) March 17, 2024
    Twitter: @ErinChack

    15. And finally, this hilarious email mess-up:

    once i got commissioned to review a film, and when i went to file my story I said "Here's my review! Not a great movie tbh" and then forgot to paste in the Google Doc link, so the editor replied being like "oh... we'd still like an article?"

    — Patrick Lenton (@PatrickLenton) March 18, 2024
    Twitter: @PatrickLenton

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