14 Incredibly Hilarious Fails From The Internet This Week That Will Make You Die Of Laughter

    Sorry boss, can't come in today, I'm feeling too evil.

    Hello, hello, my beautiful BuzzFeed readers, and welcome to the roundup of funny fails that I curate every week, just for you. Without further ado, please enjoy this week's roundup:

    1. The degree to which we are all suddenly obsessed with the Kate Middleton debacle:

    My husband just caught me intensely zooming in on The Photoshop and he said "dear god. You look like Nicolas Cage on a quest to decode the Declaration of Independence."

    — Eli McCann (@EliMcCann) March 12, 2024
    Twitter: @EliMcCann

    2. This child who was just trying to help:

    My last name starts with a W and today one of my third graders said “the w is falling off your name” and I said “what name” and he said “up there” and I said “that’s the word welcome” and he said wearily “you KNOW I can’t read” pic.twitter.com/XlE2lmxKvE

    — maddie’s car got stolen (@damnitmadeline) March 5, 2024
    Twitter: @damnitmadeline

    3. The idea of someone falling for this sticker in a restaurant bathroom:

    Really good bit i came across at a restaurant yesterday pic.twitter.com/qdFwqb1SNi

    — cam (@largemotorcycle) March 5, 2024
    Twitter: @largemotorcycle

    4. This poor cat:

    watching oppenheimer with my cat and she did not like when the bomb went off pic.twitter.com/Fe76YPgKXm

    — bailey moon (@Baileymoon15) March 12, 2024
    Twitter: @Baileymoon15

    5. This guy who got his Cybertruck cyber-stuck:

    This rusty cybertruck is stuck on a Santa Cruz beach right now. pic.twitter.com/fy1D1E9G96

    — StrictlyChristo 🇺🇦🌻 (@StrictlyChristo) March 5, 2024
    Twitter: @StrictlyChristo

    6. This Dune display:

    going to watch Dune Part: Two again and in hysterics at this display pic.twitter.com/5Dou0PoV57

    — Marie Le Conte (@youngvulgarian) March 9, 2024
    Twitter: @youngvulgarian

    7. Grandpa sharing "homemade ricotta flatbread" at the most opportune moment in the group chat:


    — wholesome boomer content (@wholesumboomers) March 12, 2024
    Twitter: @wholesumboomers

    8. This fortune:

    highly unlikely because i’m eating a fortune cookie for breakfast pic.twitter.com/Xf8AxDHKft

    — alisa (@squirtstain) March 10, 2024
    Twitter: @squirtstain

    9. This fail-turned-success?

    when I met my husband, I said I lived in Brooklyn even though I actually lived in Connecticut, and he said he lived in Brooklyn even though he was really just visiting from Minnesota. But against all odds we came together bc we shared a fundamental value. Lying

    — ely kreimendahl (@ElyKreimendahl) March 12, 2024
    Twitter: @ElyKreimendahl

    10. This cat:

    He's bald 💀 pic.twitter.com/pjnFWOycBu

    — No Context Cats (@nocontextscats) March 11, 2024
    Twitter: @nocontextscats

    11. This darkly hilarious childhood fear:

    my biggest mistake was somehow learning about hitler in elementary school and my parents biggest mistake was failing to tell me that he died a long time ago. resulted in me being terrified on the walks to/from school because i was 100% sure he was going to catch me

    — ness 🇵🇸 (@spiderburial) March 12, 2024
    Twitter: @spiderburial

    12. I can't decide if this is a fail or if it's genius...

    was talking to my dad and he told me when he was 20 he did too many shrooms before work and “called in evil” he said he thought he was evil and couldn’t come into work

    — dirt girl (@haterofwords2) March 10, 2024
    Twitter: @haterofwords2

    13. This mom who went a little too hard on this text message:

    i told my mom to text me saying i needed to go home so i can show my manager and this was her message 😭 pic.twitter.com/HvXASjMfuM

    — kim (@lunakimm) March 11, 2024
    Twitter: @lunakimm

    14. And finally: not only doing this, but the fact that it didn't work:

    There was a moth on my computer screen so I googled “what eats moths?” and found a picture of a bat. I moved the picture around the screen to try and simulate flying. The moth was undisturbed but my experiments continue.

    — Nate (@thenatewolf) March 11, 2024
    Twitter: @thenatewolf

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