"Bob's Burgers" Actor Arrested For His Involvement In The Jan. 6 Riots

    Jay Johnston was arrested in Los Angeles on Wednesday morning.

    Actor Jay Johnston, known primarily for his roles in Bob's Burgers and Arrested Development, has reportedly been arrested and charged for his involvement in the Jan. 6 riots at the US Capitol, according to NBC News.

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    Court documents reveal that Johnston is facing felony charges for impeding police officers during civil disorder. He has also been charged with several misdemeanors.

    Johnston was identified through photographs and video that the FBI shared with the public, seeking information pertaining to those who were present at the insurrection.

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    The court documents also reveal that the "FBI has interviewed three current or former associates of Johnston" — all three identified him as the man in the photographs.

    One of the associates also provided the FBI with a text message Johnston had sent, acknowledging his presence at the Capitol on Jan. 6. "The news has presented it as an attack," Johnston wrote. "It actually wasn’t. Thought it kind of turned into that. It was a mess. Got maced and tear gassed and I found it quite untastic.”

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    In 2021, Johnston was reportedly "banned" from Bob's Burgers, on which he voiced the character Jimmy Pesto, for his involvement in the insurrection.

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    Johnston's attorney reportedly reached out to the FBI's National Threats Operations center on March 8, 2021.