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Tell Me How Kids' Education Today Is Different From What School Was Like For You Growing Up

This is a safe space to be a grown-up ranting about "kids these days."

From low literacy rates to parents letting kids steal from the classroom, it seems like everything — from the parents to the teachers to the kids themselves — is just different nowadays. I've been hearing a lot of secondhand stories from people about what school is like lately, and I'm so curious to hear more. So, tell me: How is school different for kids today than it was for you?

Maybe it's something as simple as classroom aesthetics, like those strong primary colors that were so popular in the '90s. Maybe you have an opinion on classroom Chromebook use. Tell me about it!

A teacher standing in a classroom, with children sitting on the floor looking at her. She's holding a book

Perhaps you're a parent who's surprised at what kinds of classes are (or aren't) offered nowadays at school. I know someone who was surprised to find out that their kid's class was never taught how to type. Is there anything that used to be taught, but is now taken for granted?

Three students wearing headphones using computers in a classroom setting

Maybe you're a teacher who's noticed that kids are acting "chronically online" at younger and younger ages. How has online life affected life in the classroom?

Person lying on a bed with headphones using a smartphone

Maybe you're concerned that kids seemingly don't know how to read, or maybe you've noticed problems outside the classroom. Some parents are out of control these days, and I've heard some wild stories about them. This is the place to dish.

Teacher and students laughing around a book at a classroom table

Or...maybe there's something that's different today that you think is an improvement, and really love! Tell me all about it.

Teacher showing a book to a student in a classroom

Whatever it is — and whoever you are, whether a parent, a teacher, or just someone with kids in your life — I'd love to know the juicy details. This a safe space for gossip, ranting, and/or complaining. So, leave your story in the comments below! Or, if you prefer to stay anonymous, feel free to check out this anonymous Google form. Your story may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!