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10 Things You'll Relate To If You Have Seasonal Allergies

Someone p l e a s e make it stop.

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1. Wondering why your body hates you

2. Blowing your nose so much that the tissue rubs your nose raw and red, making it look like you've snorted lines for 5 hours straight.

3. Sneezing so often that you wish God would just come put you out of your misery right then and there.

4. Eyes that don't stop watering. They just don't ever stop. You could make your own ocean at this rate.

5. Wanting to sniffle when there's people around but you just did .02 seconds ago and you don't want to be annoying

6. That feeling of mucus just constantly running down the back of your throat.

7. Your lymph nodes swelling up and making your neck feel sore.

8. Coughing with such deep reverberations that a 74 year old chain smoker would be intimidated.

9. Spitting up phlegm at literally the worst time.

10. Finally, the pure rush of relief and joy you get the day you wake up with a clear nose.

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