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Top 10 Lipstick Colors Every Woman Should Own

Classic color staples to make a priority to include in your makeup routine.

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1. Classic True Red

Red has been a staple color for women since the 1920's and still doesn't fail to make a statement. Classic red usually has blue undertones suiting cooler toned skin, but there are a variety of warmer red's as well like Besame Cosmetics Red Hot Red Lipstick. Red lipstick is best paired with light eye makeup.

3. Rose

Rose comes in a variety of shades and tones, some may be warm and pink while other's are cool and mauve. This is a great alternative to Nude as it adds some color but is still subtle. This color pairs great with bold eye makeup.

4. Coral

This color has become increasingly popular and is fantastic in the spring and summer for a pop of color. Coral usually has warmer undertones so it is best paired with yellow undertones in skin and of course a summer tan.

5. Nude

When you want to do a bold eye always go for nude lipstick so your eyes are the focus and your face is balanced. There are many types of nude colors and it can be overwhelming, but always try to match it up to your skin tone so it looks as natural as possible.

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