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A Countdown Of Will Chase's Best Vocal Performances

In honor of his last weekend in Something Rotten! on Broadway, let's look back on some of his best vocal performances from the past (and present).

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14. "I Slept With Someone (Who Slept With Lyle Lovett)" - High Fidelity

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This song is so damn catchy. Plus his comedic timing is impeccable. And his voice. It's too good.

13. "What You Own" - Rent

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He is actually the angriest Mark ever, which is the best. My favorite thing about this video is the YouTube comment: "Will Chase is too cool to play Mark."

12. "Will Power" - Something Rotten!

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11. "The Desert Island Top 5 Break-Ups" - High Fidelity

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It's time we revive High Fidelity... Okay, at least give us another concert with the original cast.

10. "Elaborate Lives" - Aida

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How does someone sing Elton John THAT damn good?

9. "Last Night of the World" - Miss Saigon

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Hands down the best Chris ever.

8. "The Butterfly" - The Story of My Life

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Not many of you know The Story of My Life, but let me tell you, what a sweet and sentimental show it was. The cast recording is pretty good too. But this song is sung too beautifully for words.

7. "The Man I Used to Be" - Pipe Dream

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Thank goodness we have a cast recording of this. Plus, who doesn't love Rodgers & Hammerstein? And who doesn't love a good crooning?

6. "Written in the Stars" - Aida

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Okay, seriously how does he do it? I've never heard this song sung like this before. Never have I felt and heard all the emotions and tension in this song until I stumbled across this.

5. "Why God, Why?" - Miss Saigon

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Hey, Cameron Mackintosh... Would you like to bring back a Chris from Miss Saigon's past for the Broadway revival? Never again will there be a Chris like his.

4. "On Lexington & 52nd Street" - Smash

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Yeah, this was the best number from Bombshell (the fictional musical written for the TV series), hands down. This is one of the most emotional songs I've ever heard in my life. Not to mention, you don't even need to see it to know what's going on. You can hear every emotion sung throughout.

3. "Another Day" - Rent

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Not only is this one of my favorite songs from Rent, but oh my goodness this is just a roller coaster of emotions. You can see Roger is struggling to fight his feelings for Mimi, and it's because he doesn't want to hurt her. I've never heard a Roger with this much anger and regret, and it only adds to the performance.

2. "Jasper's Confession" - The Mystery of Edwin Drood

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Not many people saw this revival of The Mystery of Edwin Drood, but if you did, you know this was absolutely the CRAZIEST thing you've ever witnessed on stage. Jasper's Confession not only made me cry, but I'm 1000% sure my jaw was on Studio 54's floor for the full 3 minutes and 6 seconds that this was sung. I was just... Stunned. Just listening to this song alone, I still believe wholeheartedly that he deserved the Tony Award. Unbelievable.

1. "One Song Glory" - Rent

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Yeah, yeah, yeah you knew this was coming. But damn. He is without a doubt, hands down, the best Roger Rent has ever seen. I never understood how angry and upset Roger was until I saw this performance. You could feel everything this young man has gone through, and you empathized with him. You felt for Roger. How can you not? This performance of One Song Glory is my all time favorite. I still listen to this... On repeat... For hours... And I never get tired of it. Every single word that is sung throughout this song just gets to me. I feel every single thing this man is feeling. You know how much he's been through. You know what he is struggling with. You know how passionate he is. We are all Roger in certain ways. And the most heartbreaking, beautiful and absolutely chilling line that is sung here is: "Find the one song before the virus takes hold... Glory, like a sunset." If that doesn't hit you and speak to you, I don't know what will.

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