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I Scoured Reddit For The Internet’s Scariest True Stories And I Can't Get These 10 Stories Out Of My Mind

The scariest part about these stories is that they're 100% true.

Note: Entries have been edited for length and/or clarity.

1. The TLDR really makes this story.

A few years ago, I'm living with my sister because her and her SO were fighting. He stayed somewhere else and she was afraid to be alone. Fine by me, free internet.

I sleep in the living room on the couch by the window. There’s another couch near the wall behind me, close to the front door. I wake up jumping from a bad dream that I can't recall and sit up, looking around nervously. The room is fairly dark but I can see pretty well. My stare reaches the couch behind me and I jump up and stand there, looking. Sitting there on the couch was a tall dark figure.

My first instinct was to bum rush it because, you know, brotherly protection, but as I stood there gazing at this guy, it became more clear just what I was looking at.

He had on a long black pointy-hooded robe. Its head was down enough that I couldn't see inside the hood and its arms were crossed, folded into each other. It only took a few seconds but it felt like an eternity. I ran into the next room, looking for something to hit it with. I found a basketball and clutched it tight as I stood there and tried to wrap my head around everything that just happened. I chalk it up to a pile of clothes on the couch before I gather the courage to go back and check. I walk into the living room slowly and turn on the light. And right where the figure was sitting .........was nothing. No clothes. Nothing even remotely resembling what I saw. I went back to sleep. Told no one.

Tldr: I think I met the Grim Reaper.


2. That would’ve been my last day at that job TBH.

I used to work in a nursing home. One day, I had a resident refuse to get on the elevator with me, citing "being scared of the little boy" as her reason. I shrugged it off until I had a resident come out of his room and ask me for "candy for the little boy." I decided to ask my mom, head nurse and employee of 13 years, about what had been happening.

She told me that all through her years of employment residents periodically reported seeing a young boy. He was always wanting to play. He appeared to all kinds of residents, from those of sound mental status to those with severe dementia. They all reported the exact same thing, over a great period of time. When they moved to a new facility, the little boy came with them. The little boy was particularly fond of those with limited eyesight. From those residents, the boy was described as having dark black hair, living out in a "tent," and saying that he died when a tree fell on him.

One night, I was feeding a resident who had recently suffered a stroke. She had lost the use of her right hand and required total assistance. As I was feeding her, I felt a cold hand on my arm. Right then, the resident said, "Is that your boyfriend? He looks a little young for you!" I nearly shit myself.

The resident who saw him passed away that night.


3. Never, ever underestimate moms.

I was about four or five years old and my parents had just separated. My mom was living in a two bedroom apartment. I had my own room there but I preferred to sleep in her bed whenever I was staying with her. Our two bedrooms were at the end of a hallway, directly across from each other.

I woke up in the middle of the night and remember sitting up in my mom’s bed and seeing that our cat was perched in the door frame of her room (both doors were open and you could partially see into my bedroom). This was strange because our cat was typically always in bed with us. As I was watching him, he walked into my bedroom and meowed. I turned to face my mom and wake her up. In the four seconds it took her to wake up and ask me what was wrong, we both looked back up in the door frame and there was a man standing by my open door, making his way out of my bedroom. I still don't know how she managed to do it so quickly, but my mother proceeded to pick me up and literally throw me out of the screen window next to the bed (we were on the first floor and it was maybe a three foot drop to the ground). She quickly followed and we were able to start screaming for help until someone called 911.

The police came but didn't see any signs of forced entry, only that our front door was unlocked which led them to believe the man must have exited that way. The strange thing was that my mom swore up and down that she had locked the door that night with the deadbolt and chain lock. About a week later, she was cleaning the kitchen and opened up our water-heater closet and found a notebook with names and drawings, as well as a pair of gloves and some gum wrappers. The police were called again but all they could do was speculate that the man had been in our house and hid until we were asleep.


4. At least you could market the house as being haunted, right?

I grew up in a house on Long Island, specifically in Brentwood. It was a quiet town for its location. My dad worked as a taxi driver at the time, which meant he would usually end up coming home early in the morning, and I would always greet him.

One Saturday after we had just moved in, I was watching cartoons as my dad came in. I ran to say hello. My mom hears us from the bedroom and says, "Hello honey, don't go in the pool; it's not ready yet!" My dad and I think that that’s weird since it's 6 AM and we weren't planning on going swimming. But we just brush it off and he goes on to tell me his usual stories of the [wild people] he picked up throughout the night. We then realized that it was Saturday and my mom was at work. It was only me and him in the house, but the voice sounded just like my mother.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and my new neighbors came over to welcome us to the town. The neighbors consisted of the two mothers, two sons (both around my age), and two little girls (one blonde-haired girl my age and the other a shy brunette that didn't talk). The other kids and I started to play soccer. As we played, I noticed the little brunette girl was nowhere to be found. Being a curious kid, I ran around the property and found her playing in the woods (a dangerous area for little nooblets to be exploring in). She asked me to join her, but I declined, wanting to get everyone in on the soccer game. I ran back to the others. The reactions of everyone as I asked them to get the other girl to join us were puzzling. One of the moms responded by saying, “We only have one daughter.”

Turns out, a small brunette girl drowned in my pool ten years ago, with her mother passing soon after from a heart attack.


5. Not to bug you with another story but...

When I was in high school, I had a ton of hair. One night I took a shower, threw my hair up in a massive wet bun, and walked over to my friend Rachel's house so she could style it for me. It's important to note that I grew up in a very rural area, and the road to Rachel's was more of a trail.

I walked up to her room and sat down in front of her vanity so she could practice her hairstyling skills. Rachel had one of those vanities with lots of lights running down the sides of the mirror. So I looked at myself as she took my wet hair out of the big bun...and I saw about forty moths, wasps, and bees ascend into the air above me like little angels into heaven. Insects love shampoo, and if you fashion your hair into a "nest," you are just asking for trouble. Lesson learned!


6. Respect your elders? You can’t even trust them.

My sister and I were playing outside when we were younger and an elderly couple was walking by our yard. Our yard had a cemetery in the back so it was quite a common local attraction for tourists as this house was built in the 1800s, and most of the graves were from children who died back then from the flu, etc.. I have some creepy stories from that place, but nothing lives up to what happened in this story. As we were playing, this old couple kept pestering my sister about what her name was, as they approached us closer and closer. We were just little kids and got terribly scared. We ran inside and told our mom what had happened. The following week I heard a story on the news about an elderly couple approaching a teenage girl, kidnapping her, and raping her. It was the same couple that had approached my sister and I.


7. Anyone else reminded of La Llorona?

It's around 1am or so and my brother and I were on my computer reading some stuff about Pokémon or whatever when we hear our parents' bedroom door shake violently, followed by the most blood-curdling scream I've ever heard coming from outside. It sounded so terrifying and I was instantly filled with an unrivaled dread that I will never forget. Scared shitless, we both ran into our parent's room to see what was wrong only to see my mom in complete panic mode (my dad was scared too, but was more worried about my mother). We all rushed to the window to look for the source of the scream and saw a young-looking woman in a white dress slowly walking down our street, sobbing with the occasional scream.

Thinking she was in danger, my dad went outside and asked her if she needed any help, to which there was no reply. She remained completely unphased, not even acknowledging my dad's presence. I'll never forget the look of fear and confusion on my dad's face as she just kept walking and screaming bloody murder. When my dad came back inside the house, he called the police to report the woman, still thinking she was in danger or something. The next day we find out that the police found no evidence of the woman at all.


8. A long one, but a great one (and a scary one, too).

I had a stalker for about two years. It started at my first apartment when I was 18. He would do little stuff like stand on my porch and tap on the windows or walk around my backyard. I called the cops and they checked it out, saying that they didn't see anything.

After about six months, my boyfriend and I decided to go see a concert out of town. We left our dogs in the basement and hid the key to the house because my brother would come by a few times a day and let the dogs out. When we got home, things started getting weird.

At night we started hearing noises in the attic that was located right above our bedroom (the door to the attic was also in our bedroom, but we never used it). It sounded like footsteps and the dogs would growl at the door all night. We didn't find out what the noises were until we moved out. We went up there to get our Christmas decorations and saw that someone had broken the brick walls apart that separated our attic with the empty apartment next door’s attic. The other apartment had a bed in the attic and other miscellaneous stuff.

We moved into the new house and nothing happened until we had been there for about four months. That’s when it got really bad.

My underwear started to go missing and the house would look like it was being rooted through. The bad part of the new house was that it didn't lock on the side door, but my bf nailed the door shut. One night I went outside to let the dogs out and there was a guy outside on the road. He started saying my name over and over and over again. I went inside and called the cops. Sure enough, he's not there. But now at night I could see him walking up and down the road.

One night my bf had to work until midnight and my other roommate wouldn’t be home until 6 am, so I was home alone for three hours. Since I was scared to sleep alone, I locked all the doors, turned on the bathroom light, tv, and my fan. I also locked the dogs in the room with me. About an hour after falling asleep, I was awakened by the dogs barking loudly, but it didn’t sound like they were in the room with me. I sat up and everything was shut off. My boyfriend walked into the room and informed me that he was home early and not to worry; the power was just out. So I fell back asleep. Until two hours later when my boyfriend came into the room and asked why everything was turned off and why the one dog was locked in my roommate’s room and why the other was bleeding. I jumped out of bed and called the cops. At this point I noticed semen on my bed.

Turns out the guy had climbed through a window and used a bobby pin to break into my room. He beat my one dog with a bat, hence why it was bleeding. The cops found him hiding in the neighbors’ shed.


9. I would’ve noped out of there too.

About 7 years back, my cousin, sister, and I were in my freaky-ass basement. My cousin and I had to be about 7 or 8, and my sister was 5 or 6. I forgot what we were playing, but suddenly my sister stopped, and with the most horrified look on her face said, "Do you hear her?" She was pointing at the closed laundry-room door. My cousin and I look at each other, and just as I was about to tell her we hadn't, the doorknob turns and the door slowly opens. The three of us are too scared to move. My sister quietly whispers, "Can you hear her now...?" And the loudest crash I've ever heard comes from the laundry room. The three of us noped the f*ck out of there. The crash was later revealed to be a china doll falling from a shelf in there... but it was completely unscathed. No cracks, nothing.


10. And lastly, let's end on a happy (but still creepy) note.

My mom's friend lived alone in a small house. She noticed weird things: a batch of soup depleting faster than usual, missing eggs, damp towels in the hamper when she hadn't used any, extra dishes in the dishwasher, etc. This went on for months. She thought she was just being forgetful. One day she heard some thumping around in her attic and went to investigate. She found a makeshift living quarter. Small radio, hot plate, sleeping bag, pillow, food wrappers, etc... She called the cops who came to keep an eye on the place. They ended up catching a homeless man climbing a tree, trying to sneak into her attic window. He had been doing this almost daily. He would wait for her to go to work, then go downstairs and help himself to food and amenities. The funny part about this story is they got to know each other throughout the ordeal and the guy was actually very respectful, just down on his luck. She didn't press charges; instead, she let him move in, helped him get a job, and he lived in the attic until he got back on his feet. Creepy shit with a happy ending.


What story do you think was the scariest story? Do you have any that you think could top these? If so, share 'em below.