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Why Your Budget Friendly Conscious Is Telling You To Take That Spring Break Cruise

Spring Break is something fun that everyone of every age can enjoy if work permits of course. Its one week out of the year where adventure is the itinerary and the only care in the world is to be care free. Most people have some idea of what they want to do with their spring breaks and they usually end up being either a cold weather ski trip or a warm weather beach trip. Well their is a third option out there that allows you to save a little bit of cash and experience a lot more fun all while partying with some of your closest friends. This option is a bulky yet swift cruise ship that is able to cater to most of your wildest dreams and desires.

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One of the best reasons for choosing to cruise over spring break is the price. Plan and simple you aren't going to be able to get a bargain like this anywhere else. Their are tons of cheap cruises that range anywhere from three-hundred to a grand which is still in the affordable price range. The fewer days you cruise obviously the cheaper it will cost and then you can think about upgrading some of your amenities on the cruise like your room for instance. These cruise prices include and allow you to visit multiple destinations instead of just spending a week at an all inclusive resort. So you're getting the best bang for your buck when you think about it. The cruise package also includes, if you chose to purchase it, a food and beverage package. These usually include a certain amount of drinks per day and all you can eat meals at fancy restaurants and buffets. All in all it is very similar to having an all inclusive resort that moves on the water. From people who are just trying to save a bit of money to college students looking to barely scrape by on spring break cruising is a very solid option to consider.

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Cruising puts you on a boat with several thousand random people all interested in having a great time. Whether you're taking a family or just going with friends you are guaranteed to meet some strange and interesting characters that could turn into life long friends. You are also stuck on a boat with the same people for several days so let the good times roll because chances are you'll be seeing similar faces a lot. These experiences that you encounter will be experienced with your new friends and is something that can be shared for the rest of your life. Whether its making a business acquaintance or even falling in love, the possibilities are endless but you're sure to make tons of memories.

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When you are considering going on a cruise you have to way in all of the different places and things you'll be able to experience. Cruises allow you to visit several different locations, usually a different island every day. Think of all the possibilities their are. If you end up going to the Caribbean no island is the same and each offers its own little bit of unique paradise. One day you might decide to go horseback riding on the beautiful beaches of Jamaica or you might want to hike up a mountain that overlooks the nearby town. In The Dominican-Republic you can take a speed boat about twenty minutes off the coast where you will stumble upon an island of sand no bigger than a basketball court. The only thing on that small plot of sand is a snorkeling shack where you can grab some snorkeling gear and swim around the gigantic reef surrounding the sand island. There are so many different adventures that are offered that it almost makes you angry at the fact that you wont be able to experience it all. Back on the boat their are a number of entertainment opportunities. Most cruises have a casino where if you dare you can gamble until your heart is content. For the people not trying to lose all of their money the cruise has multiple clubs where you can dance until the break of dawn or you can check out one of the many themed bars to try some crazy concoction you've never heard of. When the stomach starts to ache you wont be disappointed with all of the food options. The ship has a little bit of everything and plenty of it. The five star restaurants will never let you down when you are feeling something a little classier but they also have American classics like burger joints. Plus at each port the ship tries to source local dishes that are only made at that specific island making it a truly culturally rich food experience.

So to sum things up, cruising might not be your first option but with the price savings and the abundance of things to do your sure to have a stellar time that will make for a spring break of the ages.

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