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John Sherman • 10 months ago

Os homens e o fenômeno dos grupos de masturbação mútua

Fui buscar homens que consideram a masturbação com outros homens sua experiência sexual preferida.

John Sherman • 11 months ago

Opinion: You Can Make Fun Of Trump Without Making Fun Of Gay People

The proliferation of gay jokes about Trump shows a lingering — and uncreative — prejudice.

John Sherman • One year ago

Por qué a algunos tíos les gusta hacerse pajas juntos

Salí en busca de otros hombres que consideran la masturbación mutua una experiencia sexual importante en sí misma.

John Sherman • One year ago

Why Some Guys Like Jerking Off Together

I went looking for other men who consider mutual masturbation an important sexual experience in its own right.

John Sherman • One year ago

Popular Gay Media Is Still Focusing On Straight Acceptance, Rather Than Celebrating Queer Difference

This year we've seen a number of mainstream stories focusing on straight people’s relationship to queerness — which insist that queer people are "normal" and "just like you!" — rather than queer people’s relationship to their own identities.

John Sherman • One year ago

The Best Gay Sex Scenes You'll See All Year Are In This New Film About AIDS Activism

In BPM (Beats Per Minute), protagonists dance, have sex, and fight like fully realized people, portraying AIDS as a disease not of the dying, but of those fighting to survive.

John Sherman • One year ago

Gay Male Sex In Film And Television Has A Lube Problem

By using spit-lube — or worse, failing to depict lube altogether — in gay male sex scenes, directors are doing a grave disservice to honest representations of gay men.

John Sherman • 4 years ago