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Welcome to the year 2000! our world may be self imploding BUT we have a fun quiz to distract you from the impending doom! YEEEE #narcissism

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  1. What is your spirit animal?

    my bed
    hedgehog in a cup (look it up)
    Whales (but fuck Vineyard Vines)
    turtle-dog hybrid
  2. What is you favorite thing to make in the kitchen?

    Vegies in olive oil and garlic
    I can make microwave popcorn...
    Avo toast
    Fried rice
  3. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

    Either in a lecture hall or in a hospital in scrubs
    Slaying around the world
    Hopefully I will have a husband and kids, realistically I will still be broke and waiting for my life to start
    Being a badass bitch in the real world
    On the streets?
    What Carol said
  4. What is your aesthetic?

    Minimalist cool meets your preppy mom
    Grandfather sweaters and home knit accessories
    Fuck Instagram
    Life is aesthetic
  5. MCM

    Christian Bale UGH IM IN LOVE WITH HIM
    Tim Riggins
    Anyone who will give me the time of day
    Heath Ledger RIP
    The Dark Knight
  6. Favorite on The Bachelor

    Tap to play GIF Tap to play GIF
    Chad because I also like milk
    Jared, oh Jared
    Chris Harrison fo sho
    The only one with a real job
  7. Scheming method?

    Smile and smirk until someone walks my way (which is no one)
    search for the man bun and pounce
    I feel like i'm still in middle school
    Just my personality ;)
    Getting screwed over by every boy i've ever met (does that count?)
    Kiss and tell
  8. Favorite dance move?

    bend and snap
    Peace signs moving across the forehead
    Awkward bounce from side to side
    down down down down
    When I have no control of my limbs
  9. Favorite baby name?

    Nahla Kai
    *Googles how to become a single parent*
    Don't want kids
  10. Favorite sex position?

    Don't worry about it
    Consent is sexy, so is pulling my hair and calling you daddy
    You gotta switch it up
    noitisop xes (sex position backwards) *mic drop*
    Whatever happens happens
    Woof Woof
  11. Drug of choice?

    Probs bud
    Intravenous caffeine
    Anything that takes me away from the miserable reality of life right now


You got: Carol Porges

CONGRATS BABE! You are a philosopher when you are high, an editor of many a friend's paper, and seriously on the prowl! YOU ALSO used to be the mom of the group but recently have turned into the crazy aunt! You are a wiz in the kitchen and all of the men are attracted to dat ass! whether its naps or drugs you are always down for a good TIME! <3

Carol Porges
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You got: Lauren Wang

WOWZA! you got Lauren but given the nature of this quiz you actually got gnawl (her crazy alter ego). You have recently become obsessed with milk and meat and you can often be found snacking on lunch meats in your free time! You are also known to wake up out of a dead sleep to take a hit of the devils lettuce! You are also probs part of a power couple ;) #freegnawl

Lauren Wang
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You got: Ellie Marquardt

CONGRATS Y'ALL! you are a cool southern belle who is actually more liberal than the entirety of the east coast! Your twerking brings all of the boys to the yard and you may have recently undergone a drastic change (in hair color?) While you may have tried to take a break from drugs, this did not last long and you are back BITCHES! :))))))))

Ellie Marquardt
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You got: Olivia Erickson

YEEEE! you are a nature loving vegetarian KWEEN. You are known to transform into a new hume when drunk! Your smile brings joy to those around you which hides how much of a savage you are underneath! You are a beaut wom with gorg red tresses and your friends always have your back!

Olivia Erickson
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You got: Megan Li

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! You are a lover of all black everything and are a sav when it comes to scheming the bbc! You work harder than anyone we know and treat your dog like he is your own child (except better because you don't want kids). Your skin also radiates bright red upon the slightest drop of alc!

Megan Li
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You got: Julia Rourke

YOU GO YOU GORG WOM!!!!!!!! When you aren't dazzling us all with your melodious singing voice or mothering a growing family of stuffed animals you are watching One Tree Hill. You also are always down to get high and eat fried rice, ideally at the same time. Your pension for puns make all the boys swoon particularly when you walk around parties telling your jokes.

Julia Rourke
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