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36 Adorable DIY Ornaments You Can Make With The Kids

Handprint reindeer and construction paper trees are kid classics. But wouldn't it be great to try something new this year?

1. Melted Crayon Ornaments

Grab your hairdryer and those broken crayons to create these pretty ornaments. Get the tutorial here.

2. Lovely Clay Ornaments

Who says making ornaments with your kids can't be a classy affair? Get the tutorial here.

3. Clothespin Reindeer

Get the directions here.

4. Winter Wonderland Ornament / Via

Get the tutorial for this gorgeous little scene here.

5. Glass Ball Character Ornaments

This one is sure to be a crowd-pleaser with the kids. Get the tutorial here.

6. Button Trees

Simple and delightful. Get the tutorial here.

7. Yarn Balls

Get the directions here.

8. Salt Dough Ornaments

Making salt dough ornaments is another kid craft classic. But a muted palette elevates these. Get the tutorial here.

9. No Cook Cinnamon-Scented Ornaments

Make your house smell amazing, and let the kids go to town with the cookie cutters. Get the directions here.

10. Bottle Cap Snowmen

Get the directions for this clever upcycling project here.

11. Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Get the directions here.

12. Popsicle Stick Ornaments

Get the directions for an ornament-decorating party here.

13. Superhero Ornaments

Another surefire hit. Get the tutorial here.

14. String Art Ornaments

Get the tutorial here.

15. Colorful Alphabet Ornaments

Get the directions here, and bookmark them for all-occasion letters and banners.

16. Baker's Twine Ornaments

Get the tutorial here.

17. Cinnamon Stick Christmas Trees

Get the tutorial here.

18. Wishing Spool

An adorable way to display a wishlist for Santa. Get the directions here.

19. Scrabble Ornament

So, so clever. Get the directions here.

20. Rolled Paper Ornament

Dramatic to look at and easy to do. Perfect! Get the tutorial here.

21. Yarn Wreath Ornaments

22. Felt And Ribbon Ornaments / Via

There are endless ways to embellish these. Get the directions here.

23. Paper-Covered Ornaments

Get the details here.

24. Beaded Ornaments

Who doesn't love fusible beads? Get the directions here.

25. Jolly Elves

Get the directions here.

26. Popsicle Stick Ornaments

Your preschooler will love making these. Get the directions here.

27. Woven Cardboard Cookies

Get the tutorial here.

28. Paper Towel Tube Stars

A great use of cardboard tubes. Get the tutorial here.

29. Clay Snowmen

Create an adorable army with this tutorial.

30. Easy Sewing Card Ornaments

Introduce kids to the basics of sewing with these printable cards. Get the tutorial and free printable here.

31. DIY Acorn Ornaments

Get the tutorial here.

32. Easy Star Ornament

Get the directions for this colorful project here.

33. Rudolph Cork Ornament

Adorable. Get the tutorial here.

34. Sock Snowmen

Get the tutorial here.

35. Model Magic Snowflakes

Put those holiday cookie cutters to use with any shape you like. Get the tutorial here.

36. Folder Paper Trees

Minimal, whimsical, and totally doable with the kids. Get the tutorial here.