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    24 Cute And Clever Ways To Give A Gift Card

    Gift cards rule, but they're not the most exciting presents to open. Put in some thoughtful effort with one of these creative gift card holders.

    1. iPod Card Holder

    Everyone loves an iTunes gift card, and this is the coolest way we've seen to present them. Get the tutorial for this quick and cute felt sleeve here.

    2. Duct Tape Disney-Inspired Holders

    For the Disney fanatic in your life. Get the directions here.

    3. Simple Paper Sleeves

    Pull out your cutest papers to whip up these easy envelopes. Get the directions here.

    4. Embellished Paper Envelopes

    So, so cute. Get the tutorial here.

    5. Felt Button Pouch

    This gorgeous little envelope could not be easier. Get the directions here.

    6. Fabric Origami Card Holder

    You can use any sort of quirky fabric so they can reuse it as a business card holder. Get the directions here.

    7. Upcycled Glitter Box

    These are made from empty thumbtack boxes. Adorable! Get the directions here.

    8. Candy Tin Holder

    A festive (and yummy!) way to give your gift. Directions here.

    9. Free Printable Stationery

    This printable suite includes a foldable gift card holder. Coordinate all your gift wrapping and get the download here.

    10. Felt Envelope Letter

    Even more thoughtful than a hand-written letter. Get the directions here.

    11. Origami Owl Holder

    Get the step-by-step video for this insanely cute holder here.

    12. Pop-Up Holder

    Get the directions here.

    13. Felt Tree Ornaments

    If you're giving several gift cards, decorate a whole mini tree with these ornaments. Get the tutorial here.

    14. Simple Money or Gift Card Holder

    A chic little folded option. Get the directions here.

    15. Leather Mountain Card Holder

    Doubles as a very cool business card/credit card holder after the fact. Get the directions here.

    16. Stamped Paper Envelopes

    Get the directions here.

    17. Shirt And Tie Holder

    This would be perfect for Fathers Day, but the first man in your life might also love this with his Christmas morning coffee. Get the tutorial here.

    18. Mason Jar Holder

    Repurpose some thick twine and a mason jar to make this unexpected holder. Get the directions here.

    19. Zipper Card Pouch

    Giving more than one card to someone? Sew up this easy zippered pouch that can have a second life as a change purse. Get the tutorial here.

    20. Snow Globe Holder

    Most certainly two gifts in one. Get the directions here.

    21. Starbucks Cup Holder

    Such a great way to give out your teacher gifts this holiday season. Get the details here.

    22. Cardstock Cassette Tape

    For someone who laments mix tapes as much as you do. Get the tutorial here.

    23. Chinese Takeout Container

    It's a cute way to throw in some additional treats. See the details here.

    24. M&M Jar

    A sweet poem in a jar of sweet treats, with a gift card nestled inside. Perfect for your child's teacher. Get the details and the poem here.