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11 GIFs That Perfectly Describe Your Summer Internship Experience

It's way more than staring at spreadsheets all day.

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1. Your first day is a whirlwind of learning the ropes and training.

2. Then, as you settle in, you start to get more involved.

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3. Your team gets together for some group lunch quality time. 👯

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4. Soon, you get assigned to your first big project.

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5. Which means you get to collaborate with colleagues from different departments and other offices. 🙌

6. With each new project, you build on your experience and learn a ton of new skills.

7. Meanwhile more and more people have started to recognise your talent and begin to rely on you. 🙋

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8. Each day presents a new chance to network with people you might not have met otherwise.

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9. Like with volunteer opportunities that have a positive impact extending outside of the office.

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10. And at the end of it all, you've gained experience, met amazing colleagues, and left with a wide breadth of knowledge.

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11. Not to mention some new lifelong friendships. 💯

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