Yankees Tickets Are Getting REALLY Expensive

I think I’d rather use the money to buy a small house.

This isn’t four guys standing bored. It’s three guys ignoring A-Rod, and A-Rod pretending not to care. Ray Stubblebine / Reuters

I was thinking about going to see the Yankees and Orioles finish off their first round playoff series this evening, so I fired up the Internet machine, swam through the web tubes until I found myself at StubHub. Now typically Yankees tickets are insanely cheap on the site. So cheap in fact that the Yankees have been bitching about it often this year. I rarely paid more than $10 to see a game.

Turns out you can get into the playoffs pretty cheaply too. The cheapest ticket was a very reasonable $16. But more interesting was the most expensive ticket.

Anybody want to pay $234,234.00 to sit in the grandstand where you can’t buy alcohol? Anybody?

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