Why You Shouldn’t Headbutt A Football Player If You’re Not Wearing A Helmet

Ohio State assistant coach and former New England Patriot star Mike Vrabel got a little too fired up before the Ohio State–Michigan game.

1. After the undefeated Ohio State Buckeyes made the Michigan Wolverines cry like the babies they are, a rumor began to spread around the Internet.

Mark Duncan / AP

2. Apparently Buckeye assistant coach Mike Vrabel had claimed that he was so excited before the game that he headbutted a player despite the fact that Vrabel was helmet-less and the player was not.

3. Thanks to the magic of Twitter, Derek Young from Buckeye Blog ElevenWarriors.com was able to reach out to Vrabel’s wife to confirm the story.


4. And Jen Vrabel went a step beyond just confirming.

5. She shared this amazing photo.

6. #einstein

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