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    Mar 11, 2013

    This Is Why You Should Never Give A Basketball Coach A Gatorade Bath

    It's super dangerous.

    The Gatorade bath is a time-honored tradition.

    Ralph D. Freso / Reuters

    In which a winning team douses their couch in the sports drink to celebrate an important victory.

    Chris Keane / Reuters

    And why does this tradition not carry over to basketball?

    Because, as we learned at a Nebraska Community College game this weekend: Gatorade + Wood Floors = INSTANT HUMILIATION.

    Even a good Samaritan coming to help felt the wrath of the Gatorade.

    So the key to making the Gatorade baths safe?

    Jeff Golden / Getty Images


    Watch the video here:

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    H/T Joe Kinsey at Busted Coverage.