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    Mar 6, 2013

    Why Hockey Players Should Always Wear Visors

    Protect your faces, dummies!

    This is Marc Staal. He plays for the New York Rangers. Notice he does not wear a visor on his helmet.

    Al Bello / Getty Images

    For comparison, here's Staal's teammate Rick Nash. Notice he does have a visor on his helmet.

    Ray Stubblebine / Reuters

    Players wear visors to protect their eyes. After this incident last night, Staal probably wishes he had been wearing one.

    Warning. The next two shots more graphic.

    Seriously. They're rough.

    You're still here? Okay...





    Despite how scary the injury looked, Staal was not immediately taken to the hospital, which is an encouraging sign.

    Ray Stubblebine / Reuters

    The Rangers have yet to update the press on the status of the injury, but here's hoping he's okay. And that maybe next time, he's wearing a visor.

    Elsa / Getty Images

    Watch the video here:

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