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BuzzFeed Sports Discovered The Rest Of Sean Payton's Text To Jeremy Shockey

When Shockey tweeted out a text conversation he had with his suspended coach, he had no idea we'd be able to use our super computers and people in lab coats to figure out the cut off part of their conversation.

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Jeremy Shockey tweeted this text conversation he had with his now-suspended coach Sean Payton, showing that Payton didn't suspect the tight end of ratting him out to the NFL for the team's controversial bounty program.

Twitter: @!/JeremyShockey/status/182874403971928064/photo/1

But thanks to advancements in technology and computer "sciencey" like things, we were able to get the rest of the story*.

*We certainly didn't just make this up. Like I said. Super computers. Lab coats.

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