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    Watch Elton Brand Kick A Soccer Ball At Mike Dunleavy's Face

    And in one moment, Brand earned his insane, exorbitant contract.

    Personified albatross and sometimes power forward Elton Brand played in yesterday's Steve Nash Showdown, a celebrity charity soccer tournament held annually in New York. Now if you've watched Brand on a basketball court over the last few years, you know that he's still capable of ocasional brilliance, but as he's aged those moments have become few and far between. But last night, something amazing happened. The stars aligned. The fates conspired. And a soccer ball left Elton Brand's foot and smashed directly into Mike Dunleavy Jr.'s smug, smug face.

    By all accounts, Dunleavy is a perfectly nice guy, but he just has one of those faces that... how do I put this. He looks like every person who's ever gone to Duke. So in this moment, it's not that Elton Brand hurt Mike Dunleavy (who was fine by the way), it's that he smashed all of Krzyzewski-ville in the face. And that is something worth celebrating. Thanks Elton.

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