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    Jul 9, 2012

    Vicente Padilla: Mark Teixeira Should Have Played A "Women's Sport"

    The Red Sox reliever is quite the douche.

    Jared Wickerham / Getty Images

    Vicente Padilla. Asshole.

    In any feud (rapper, athlete, celebutantelite) it's sometimes hard to tell the truth from the Tupac claiming to have sex with Faith Evans. That said, and this comes from an avowed Yankee hater, Vicente Padilla seems like a gigantic douchebag.

    The Red Sox reliever has had a long-standing (seven year!) beef with his former teammate Mark Teixeira. When the two played together in Texas, the Yankee first baseman felt that he and (his friend and former teammate) Michael Young were paying the price for Padilla's penchant for throwing at opposing batters. The final straw came when Young was hit by a pitch in retaliation for a Padilla hit batter. How did Padilla respond? By laughing his ass off in the dugout. Tex and Young weren't happy and they let Padilla know.

    So of course In Teixeira's first ten at bats against his former teammate he was hit three times.

    It makes sense then when Tex hit a go-ahead three run triple off of the assholeRed Sox pitcher he was pretty pumped. And yeah, he talked some shit about Padilla, telling reporters that he has no friends in baseball because he hits people. Of course he could have been meaner. He could have said, "No one likes that guy, because he's a fucking toad. Seriously, have you seen him? He looks like he'd be the henchman to some Dickens villain. If Timothy Spall were Hispanic, we'd know who would play Vicente in a movie." But Tex didn't say that. But he could have.

    Padilla's response to Teixeira's non-inflammatory, fact-based comments?

    (Getty Images)

    Vicente went onto say that Teixeira hates hispanics, before deciding he hadn't made himself clear enough about Teixeira's gender, "We are all men here playing baseball. We don't need no women playing baseball."

    Let's list the reasons to hate this guy.

    1. He is a sexist asshole.

    2. He is making me have to side with a Yankee.

    3. He is a head-hunter.

    4. And maybe most importantly, his asshole quote means this...

    Disliking A League Of Their Own is completely unacceptable.

    H/t ESPN