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    Posted on Jul 10, 2012

    Tyson Chandler Does His Best Magic Mike

    Is there a more subtle way of saying, "Knicks star shows his ass on a magazine cover"?

    "Okay Tyson, you can come out now. Great. Looking good, now just come over here to my black void. Yeah, right there. Now lose the towel. This isn't the Towel Issue, am I right? That was a joke, Tyson. No, you're right, I guess it wasn't funny, but the towel still has to go. Great. Now here's a basketball. Now I want you to just stand like you're about to shoot a free throw. Ah, you know, there's not really enough ass here. Can you stand like you're about to shoot a free throw and show off your ass at the same time. Like a flirty free throw. Great. Yeah. Can it be, more flirty? Is that possible? Great. No don't look at your agent, look at me. Tyson, look at me. And a little less annoyed. Can you stop... Tyson, over here. Okay, now where are you going? Don't pick up that towel, Tyson. Tyson, don't walk away from me. Tyson!

    Okay I think we got it."