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Two People Joked About The Manti Te'o Fake Girlfriend Hoax Over A Month Ago On Twitter

Well, this is odd. This story just gets weirder and weirder.

Starting back in early December, a twitter user named jay.R tweeted about his knowledge of the Manti Te'o "Lennay Kekua" fake girlfriend hoax. First he claimed that it was inspired by the movie and TV show "Catfish."

He then said that he knew who it was. He claimed that it was someone whose dad had a church. (Titus Tuiasosopo, the father of Ronaiah, who Deadspin pointed to as the perpetrator of the hoax, is a pastor.)

Jay then had a back and forth with someone who goes by the name C.Tuiotimariner where they acknowledged the hoax.

A few weeks later, still almost 10 days before it was revealed, jay.R again joked about the hoax.

After Deadspin published their report revealing the hoax, C.Tuiotimariner and jay.R had some things to say.

Some seemingly nice...

Others less so.

jay.R was much more somber in tone.

And then explained his involvement (or in this case, lack of involvement).

He also attempted to clear C.Tuiotimariner's name.

And then reiterated his innocence in the ordeal.

After jay.R's tweets, C.Tuiotimariner also attempted to explain the exchanges from pre-hoax-reveal.

The moral of all this?

A weird story just keeps getting weirder.