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    This Soccer Star's Face Scored On His Own Team

    Wow, that has to hurt.

    During the 71st minute of yesterday's Tottenham-Liverpool game, Liverpool was trailing 2-0 when they took a corner kick.

    It was a beautifully placed corner that led to a header that perfectly set up Liverpool's Steven Gerrard for a shot on goal.

    Luckily for Tottenham, Aaron Lennon was there to clear the ball. Unluckily for Tottenham, Gareth Bale was in the wrong place at the wrong time. This was also unlucky for Bale's face.

    The own-goal off the Tottenham star's face brought Liverpool within one, but it ended up being more painful for Bale than it was for the team.

    Tottenham held onto a 2-1 lead with a beautiful INTENTIONAL goal from Bale in the 16th minute being the difference.

    Here's the play from a reverse angle.

    Watch a video replay of the moment here.

    H/T The Score.