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The Worst Person To See In A Public Bathroom

Sorry ladies. You don't have anything on this.

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So, imagine you're going to a baseball game. Say on Opening Day.

Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

And at the game. You and your friend with the weird hair decide to have some delicious soda pops.


When suddenly, you realize: "Oh crap. I've overindulged on this fine, fine soda pop. I need to go to the facilities to relieve myself."


And so you head off to the bathroom in a hurry when you find this.

(Click here for NSFW photo.)

It turns out that weird kid from your second grade who would do this, and then get screamed at by the teacher, who would yell, "CHUCKIE, YOU NEED TO GROW UP." Actually didn't. He just moved to the Bay Area.

Good luck enjoying some stadium food now.