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The Rock Would Like To Remind You That He's Apparently Still The WWE Champion

He has five movies coming out in 2013. But more importantly, he's the winner of a fake-sports fake championship. Fake.

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Today, on a day that is occurring in the year 2013 and not 2001, the Rock tweeted about being WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Apparently The Rock defeated CM Punk for the title at the Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View event in late January. He made four WWE TV appearances leading up to the event, and has only made one since. What does The Rock have that regular WWE wrestlers don't?

Oh yeah. Five movies coming out in 2013.

It must suck to be one of the wrestlers who doesn't have five movies coming out this year and makes a living purely by destroying his body for a dedicated audience only so the WWE can bring in the star action hero to kick your ass and be champ for the month leading up to his film release.