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    The NHL Is Off, But That Doesn't Mean Awesome Hockey Fights Are Gone

    When two goalies fight, everyone wins.

    Yesterday, while weathering the after-effects of Hurricane Sandy, I was doing my best to have a normal day. I felt like if I changed my routine too much, it would mean the hurricane had won. So I woke up. I worked. I had a toasted peanut butter and banana sandwich for lunch. And then I watched some Swiss National League A Hockey. You know, just typical stuff.

    And as is always the case when Genève-Servette HC and HC Lugano get together, it was a testy affair. At the end of the second period things got a little tense when 12(!) players got into a brawl, including (and really, most notable) the two goalies. One of my favorite things in all of sports is two goalies fighting. It's like they want to get involved, but they don't want to get into it with a regular player (whom they've actually been interacting with all game, by the way). So instead they end up fighting their opposite, even though it's almost impossible for them to be farther from each other throughout the game. There's something about it that almost resembles propriety.

    Anyway, that's not the only reason this game was nuts. Apparently (OK, maybe I didn't watch it, you caught me), after GSHC won came back with two late goals to win the game, Lugano fans began throwing a weird list of items onto the ice — at least according to San Jose Sharks forward (turned GSHC forward during the lockout) Logan Couture.

    Unfortunately there is no video of the oranges, but there is video of a goalie brawl. And who doesn't love a goalie brawl?

    View this video on YouTube

    Side note: Is an orange the perfect fruit for throwing at athletes? It doesn't splatter like a tomato, but it probably hurts more. Something to think about. (BuzzFeed Sports does not endorse throwing things at athletes.)

    H/T Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy.