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The Most Hilariously Frustrating Quote From An Athlete Ever

Thank you, Gerald Wallace. Thank you.

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The Nets traded for Wallace last March, giving up a first-round pick which would become rookie sensation Damian Lillard. The Nets claimed the move would "balance the roster... and [allow them to] still have cap flexibility."

In the off-season, Wallace signed a contract for four years and $40 million. Damian Lillard makes $6.27 million over two years. So there's Billy King's definition of "cap flexibility."

And despite that huge contract, Gerald Wallace is having a terrible season. He's shooting 27% from the field in March, which is abysmal. Like, "Maybe it's time to go play in Europe" bad.


An NBA player so bad at shooting at the moment that successfully getting trash into a trash can would be an improvement. Ladies and gentlemen, your Brooklyn Nets!