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    The Killer Feature Of MLB.TV

    Wow. The game done changed.

    If you love baseball or just live somewhere away from the team you grew up cheering for, chances are you use MLB.TV.

    MLB.TV is Major League Baseball's streaming service that allows you to watch every out of market game.

    So this evening I was watching my hometown Indians open the season against the Toronto Blue Jays.

    And like many baseball fans before me, I was complaining about the quality of my team's TV announcers.

    Traditionally a baseball team's radio broadcaster is beloved. Usually an older man with a golden voice. A vast quality upgrade over the TV team.

    But then I noticed this option in MLB.TV's menu.

    Audio Overlay! You can now choose to watch the game with the radio announcer instead of the TV!

    So with a simple click, I'm watching the game but listening to the god that is Tom Hamilton, instead of the schmucks above. This is brilliant.

    Well done, MLB. Well done.