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The Craziest Way For An Athlete To Get Outed

Former NFL lineman Kwame Harris was not publicly out of the closet until a strange arrest.

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Kwame Harris (pictured here as a member of the San Francisco 49ers in 2007) was arrested last August after what was an apparently vicious fight with an ex-boyfriend in the parking lot of a Menlo Park, California restaurant.

The details of the incident weren't noted by the media until Monday, when the San Mateo Daily Journal reported that Harris was due in court for a pretrial hearing related to felony counts of domestic violence and assault. Until this report, Harris was not widely known to be gay.


The story goes that Harris met up with an ex-boyfriend of his, Dimitri Geier, at a restaurant called Su Hong in Menlo Park, California. The two were just friends at this point and the purpose of the meeting was to get a bite before Harris drove Geier to the airport. But then things took a weird turn.

Geier allegedly made the mistake of pouring soy sauce on Harris' rice. This infuriated Harris, and the lawsuit alleges the two had a verbal altercation lasting "approximately seven minutes," the upside of which was that Harris changed his mind and said he would not take Geier to the airport.


After the men headed to Harris' car to get Geier's bag (so that he could take a cab), Harris allegedly attempted to pull Geier's pants down, accusing him of having stolen Harris' underwear.

Geier has also filed a civil lawsuit which states that Harris punched him in the arm several times, which led Geier to hit back, a fight that escalated into Harris punching Geier in the face repeatedly, breaking his orbital bone. Harris' lawyer claims it was Geier who punched Harris in the face before Harris returned blows. Regardless, Geier required surgery.

It's worth noting that Harris is 6'7" 240 lbs. And Geier is 6'1, 220. These were two big men fighting in the parking lot of Su Hong.

It's unclear how the legal situation will resolve itself, but it's clear that "disturbingly brutal parking-lot soy sauce fight" is the most unusual way an athlete will get outed this week.

H/T Michelle Durand at the San Mateo Daily Journal

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