The 14 Faces Of An Epic Golf Collapse

Adam Scott came into the final round of the British Open with a commanding lead. He left it the runner up. His face tells the story.

1. The "Maybe if I close my eyes all these people and cameras will disappear" Face

GLYN KIRK / Getty Images

2. The "Wow, I'm only five holes in and already it seems like I should have stayed in bed" Face

PETER MUHLY / Getty Images

3. The "If one more person asks me, 'Are we having fun yet?' or if I'm dating Leslie Knope, I'm going to punch them in the teeth," Face

Stuart Franklin / Getty Images

4. The "Don't cry, Adam. Mike Tirico will totally focus on that. Then again, at least it's not Jim Nantz. He'd make a pun," Face

Ross Kinnaird / Getty Images

5. The "You're a real son of a bitch, you know that, Mr. Putter?" Face

Andrew Redington / Getty Images

6. The "I can't believe I had 7 bogeys today and still only lost by one. My lead was freaking huge," Face

Stuart Franklin / Getty Images

7. The "Definitely bad" Face

Harry How / Getty Images

Not to be confused with Barack Obama's "Not Bad" Face

8. The "Did you say something about my putter being stupid?" Face

PETER MUHLY / Getty Images

9. The "Maybe you had a point about my putter" Face

PETER MUHLY / Getty Images

10. The "Ernie Els is playing really well, maybe I'm in trouble," Face

Chris Carlson / AP

11. The "This hardly looks like the right sport," Face

Ross Kinnaird / Getty Images

12. The "I just missed an easy putt that would have sent me to a playoff, and now my knees are weak," Face

PETER MUHLY / Getty Images

13. The "No seriously, I'm so upset that I can't feel my knees," Face

Stuart Franklin / Getty Images

14. The "Okay, I can totally feel my knees, but I'm not ready to stand up and face the fact that I just blew a golden opportunity to win one of the biggest tournaments in the world. So leave me alone with my thoughts, if you don't mind," Face

Richard Heathcote / Getty Images

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