The 13 Best NBA Dunk Contest Dunks Of All Time

This year’s NBA Slam Dunk Contest is this Saturday. To prepare I’ve put together this definitive, impossible to argue with, scientifically proven list of the greatest dunk contest dunks of all time. If you disagree, don’t blame me. Blame science.

13. Isaiah Rider's Between The Legs Dunk

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12. Cedric Ceballos' Blindfolded Dunk

11. Blake Griffin's Over The Car Dunk

10. Michael Jordan's Sideways Insane Hang-Time Dunk

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9. Dwight Howard's Sticker Dunk

8. Dominique Wilkins' Sky High Off The Backboard Dunk

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7. Andre Iguodala's Off The Back Of The Backboard Reverse Dunk

6. Spud Webb's Self-Pass Reverse Dunk

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5. Vince Carter's From T-Mac Between The Legs Dunk

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4. Jason Richardson's Off The Backboard Between The Legs Dunk

3. Jason Richardson's Between The Legs Reverse Dunk

2. Vince Carter's Arm In The Rim Dunk

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1. Michael Jordan's Foul Line Dunk

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