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The 10 Greatest Fake Bands In History

So not only is it Harrison Ford's Birthday today, but it's also acclaimed Almost Famous writer-director Cameron Crowe's b-day. In honor of his 54th birthday, let's look back at the 10 greatest fake bands in history. After all he is the man behind Stillwater.

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  • 1. Stillwater

    Russell Hammond is the greatest rock guitarist in history.

  • 2. The Beets

    I'll never forget where I was when I bought my copy of Let It Beet.

  • 3. Jesse and the Rippers

    The San Francisco music scene hasn't been the same since JatR.

  • 4. Spinal Tap

    I heard these guys are actually still doing big numbers in Japan.

  • 5. The Partridge Family

    Their music fell off as the band got older, but they were the best when they were young.

  • 6. CB4

    The greatest rap group time's forgotten.

  • 7. The Dreams

    Deena ended up having quite the solo career herself, but their early records as a group were their best.

  • 8. The Wonders

    The Wonders were the definition of a one hit wonder, but boy was it a great hit.

  • 9. The Commitments

    This Dublin band brought soul music to Ireland. The Emerald Isle should be thankful.

  • 10. Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes

    Some claim The Hold Steady is the greatest bar band in the world. Those people (though having good taste) clearly are not familiar with the Nodes.