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    Six Months After Having A Heart Attack On The Field, A Soccer Star Returns To The Scene

    WARNING: Severe goosebumps ahead.

    Back in March, 24-year-old Bolton Wanderer soccer player Fabrice Muamba suffered a heart attack during an FA Cup match. The midfielder collapsed just before halftime, and doctors struggled to revive him.

    It was a terrifying situation, and fans and players alike waited with bated breath.

    And even though he was an opposing player, his name rang out through the crowd. Every fan hoping that Muamba would be alright.

    Eventually, the doctors got Muamba onto a stretcher and took him out of the stadium. Once at the hospital they were thankfully able to revive him. Which was far from a given, as Muamba had been clinically dead for 78 minutes.

    But the 24-year-old would never be able to play the sport he loved again.

    Last night Muamba made his return to White Hart Lane, the stadium where he collapsed, and the welcome was chilling.

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    Enjoy your moment, Mr. Muamba. You've gone through more than enough to earn it.