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Ryan Lochte's Sister Is A Crazy Racist

This is uncomfortable.

Megan Lochte made waves in London, by being an attractive woman sitting on Ryan Lochte's lap. TMZ published a photo of them with the headline "Breaststroke, Anyone?" Then everyone realized that it was Ryan's sister and immediately agreed to forget that we had temporarily turned our Olympic douchesweetheart into the creepy incestual Luke Skywalker that George Lucas made us deal with in Empire Strikes Back.

Turns out, there were other, way more disgusting reasons to ignore Megan. For instance, she's a horrible racist. This interview is from shortly after she returned from the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, and in it, she seems to really be enjoying a certain epithet for Chinese people.

View this video on YouTube!

Note: We've been asked to remove the video, so instead enjoy what was previously thought to be the most embarrassing video associated with the Lochtes.

A Sampling Of Lochte's "Insight" On China:

When the host expressed some discomfort about her use of that word, Megan replied:

And when asked by the host if ninjas are Chinese or Japanese, Megan said: