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    Russell Westbrook's 8 Craziest Playoff Shirts

    Oklahoma City's point guard is a star in the making. And all stars need a calling card. Russell's? Crazy shirts.

    1. The "1950s Dad And/Or Nerd" Shirt

    2. The "Weird Spikey Stripes On Pink" Shirt

    3. The "Oh Shit, Did You Get Paint On Me?" Shirt

    4. The "Let's Tear The Pages Out Of This Manual And Turn Them Into A Shirt" Shirt

    5. The "Teddy Bears Have Swag Too" Shirt

    6. The "Sewing Together Free Fabric Swatches Is Fun" Shirt

    7. The "Wes Anderson's Wet Dream" Shirt

    8. The "I Can't Believe This Is One Of The More Normal Ones" Shirt