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    Ravens Linebacker Got Whiny About The Patriots On Twitter Last Night

    I'm sure this won't be used as motivation in New England this week.

    This is Brendon Ayanbadejo. He's an outspoken linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens and generally a good guy. He notably stood up for marriage equality in the lead-up to Maryland's vote on the issue.

    Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

    But there's some downside to being outspoken. Like sometimes you come off as an ass on Twitter while watching the team you're going to play next week in the playoffs.

    Ayanbadejo took issue with New England's hurry-up offense.

    He also reminded people of two of the crappier moments in Patriot history. (Secretly recording opposing teams' practices and cutting a player right before the biggest game of his life after he helped them get to that game.)

    Read more about Spygate.

    Read more about the Super Bowl cut.

    And then he brought up the darkest memory of Patriots football, their gut-punch of a Super Bowl loss to the Giants that ruined what would have been a perfect season.

    He also decided to define what exactly equals "bitchassness."

    New England's likely response to the rant:

    Jim Rogash / Getty Images

    The "morning after" apology:

    New England's likely response to the apology:

    Jim Rogash / Getty Images