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Prince Harry And Ryan Lochte Raced In A Vegas Swimming Pool

Could the royal keep up with the Olympian? Why is Ryan Lochte wearing pants in a pool? If they're both drunk does the race even count?

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(Getty/Jason Merritt) (Getty/Pascal Le Segretain)
Jason Merritt / Getty Images

(Getty/Jason Merritt) (Getty/Pascal Le Segretain)

Step One: Identify The Participants

That's Lochte splashing people like a douche.

Step Two: Clear A Path In The Pool Of Drunk People

Step Three: Stretch

Lochte is wearing pants. I'm not sure why.

Step Four: Count It Down

Step Five: SWIM!

I love how seriously Lochte is taking it. I know I like to make fun of the guy and his "jeahing" around the world, but put him in even a friendly competition with royalty and he goes into game mode.

Step Six: Celebrate Because You Just Beat The Prince

No word if it was Harry's loss to Ryan that led him to drown his sorrows in drunken billiards and nudity.

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