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Ozzie Guillen Says Crazy Shit: Pro-Dictator Edition

Ozzie Guillen loves Fidel Castro, may or may not support Hugo Chávez, and is probably going to keep offending people.

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What Ozzie Meant: I don't respect what Fidel does. I just respect that he is able to stay in power despite crazy opposition. That's hard to do, and I respect someone who can do something that is difficult.

Why Ozzie Is Crazy: Because a dictator showing the ability to continue oppressing his people is not something to look for a silver lining in. Though staying in power is probably tough, I'd wager that it's harder to overthrow an oppressive regime than run an oppressive regime.

There is literally an infinite number of metaphors you can use to illustrate this point, Ozzie. Why pick the one that has you lining up next to a dictator?

Note: Guillen has since apologized.

Quotes via ESPN and TIME Magazine.