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    An NFL Draft Pick Wore Broken 3D Glasses To The Draft

    Well this is weird.

    This is Ezekiel "Ziggy" Ansah. He played defensive end at BYU and on Thursday night, he was picked by the Detroit Lions.

    Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

    NFL draft picks aren't always well dressed...

    Tim Isbell/Biloxi Sun Herald/MCT / Getty Images

    But Ziggy looked good.

    Al Bello / Getty Images

    Wait... What's that?



    Is that a RealD 3D logo? No way. No way Ziggy just broke the lenses out of his 3D glasses and then wore the frames to the NFL draft, right?

    Yep. Yep, that's exactly what he did.

    Very weird, Ziggy. Very weird.

    H/T Timothy Burke at Deadspin.