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    Ohio State's Freshman Quarterback "Ain't Come To Play SCHOOL"

    Third-string QB and touted freshman Cardale Jones is mad as hell, and he's... probably not going to be tweeting anymore.

    Cardale Jones is pretty pissed about going to school. I mean the nerve of Ohio State to give him a free education, and then expect him to attend classes? Don't they know, he has better things to do? Like hold a clipboard.

    It's not that Cardale Jones doesn't have a point, he does. At a place like Ohio State, the primary objective of someone like Jones should be football. He's there to try to get playing time, win games, and eventually go to the NFL. He's not there to get a sociology degree, that he'll never use. (And while we're at it, shouldn't all prospective pro athletes have to major in business? How many Antoine Walkers do we need?) But despite the merits that his argument does have, maybe stating it like an angry, semi-literate child throwing a temper tantrum was not the best idea, even if he is only 19.

    Regardless, Cardale's account looks like this now:

    H/T Isaac Rauch at Deadspin.