Marcus Camby Threw A Hail Mary And Other Things You Missed Last Night

Did you have a hot Monday night date? Get too wrapped up in Dancing With The Stars? Play too much Mass Effect 3? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.


2. Indiana Pacers 105 — Miami Heat 90


The Heat have now lost by double digits in back-to-back games for the first time this season. Put another way, this is a stat that won’t matter at all when they’re murdering teams in the playoffs.

3. Houston Rockets 113 — Sacramento Kings 106 (OT)

Did this shot count? Nope. Do I care? Nope. I knew Marcus Camby was an immortal vampire, but I had no idea he could play quarterback. There are some fans in Miami who would love to have you under center Marcus.

4. Utah Jazz 105 — New Jersey Nets 84

How bad is New Jersey? The Jazz played a four overtime game the night before this one, and still ran the Nets off the floor. I’m sure those East Rutherford crowds are going to miss nights like these.

Other Scores
Detroit 79 — Washington 77
Orlando 117 — Toronto 101
Boston 102 — Charlotte 95
New York 89 — Milwaukee 80
Denver 108 — Chicago 91
Los Angeles Clippers 97 — New Orleans Hornets 85


7. San Jose Sharks 5 — Colorado Avalanche 1

The NHL’s Pacific division is the league’s answer to the NFC West or the AL Central. Ugly. With this win San Jose jumped from barely in the playoffs to the three-seed, and there’s a good chance they still might miss the post season.

Other Scores
Tampa Bay 5 — Philadelphia 3
Detroit 7 — Columbus 2
Ottawa 6 — Winnipeg 4
Calgary 5 — Dallas 4
Vancouver 1 — Los Angeles 0

Women’s College Basketball

10. Baylor Bears 77 — Tennessee Volunteers 58

Charlie Neibergall / AP

It’s not exactly a shock to go to the final four when you have the only player on the court who can dunk, but that doesn’t make the trip any less sweet.

Other Scores
Stanford 81 — Duke 69

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