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Morning Monologue: LeBron Is Down, Kobe Is Mask-Less, Brittney Griner Is Awesome

Our daily stroll through last night's games. On tap today: the NBA, NHL, and NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament.

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Miami Heat 99 — Phoenix Suns 95

Robert Sullivan / Reuters

In the fourth quarter LeBron collided with Grant Hill and hit the ground hard. He was fine, but both Miami Heat fans watching on TV were so nervous.

Indiana Pacers 102 — Los Angeles Clippers 89

Vinny Del Negro is the Keyser Soze of NBA coaches. This has to all be an act to destroy Donald Sterling. It's only a matter of time until Vinny walks out of Staples Center, slicks his hair back, and suddenly knows how to manage substitutions.


Milwaukee Bucks 116 — Portland Trail Blazers 87

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This was the only moment that mattered in a pretty terrible game. How can you not love this guy?

New York Knicks 106 — Toronto Raptors 87

Ray Stubbleline / Reuters

The Knicks have now won each of their first four games under Mike Woodson by at least 14 points thanks to a new strategy they're calling "defense."

Other Scores

Utah 97 — Oklahoma City 90

Sacramento 119 — Memphis 110


Women's NCAA Tournament

Other Scores

Duke 96 — Vanderbilt 80

Notre Dame 73 — Cal 62

Penn State 90 — LSU 80

St. Bonaventure 66 — Marist 63

Georgia Tech 76 — Georgetown 64

St. John's 74 — Oklahoma 70

Kansas 70 — Delaware 64


Dallas Stars 4 — Phoenix Coyotes 3

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Dallas won in a shootout, and in getting that point, moved into first place. They owe it all to Kari Lehtonen, who unleashed this insane save in overtime.

Other Scores

Florida 2 — Philadelphia 1

Pittsburgh 8 — Winnipeg 4

Chicago 5 — Columbus 1

New Jersey 1 — Ottawa 0

New York Islanders 5 — Toronto 2

Edmonton 6 — Nashville 3

Colorado 2 — Calgary 1

Los Angeles 5 — San Jose 2