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McKayla Maroney Falls, Lets Out Her Inner "Mean Girl"

Not a good day for the Internet's favorite American gymnast.

This is McKayla Maroney.

Julie Jacobson / AP

You remember her from the perfect vault she did in the Women's Team Gymnastics final.

The one that was so good it made the judge's jaw drop.

Well yesterday was the Women's Vault Final, and Maroney was the hands down favorite to win gold.

Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

Her first vault was unsurprisingly awesome.

She did land slightly on the red, which is good for a deduction, but as the announcer Shannon Miller said, "she has so little execution deduction in the air, that it'll still be a huge score." It was. Maroney's 15.866 would be and remain the highest scored single vault in the Women's Vault Final.

But on the second vault the unthinkable happened.

Maroney fell down. According to Deadspin Maroney hadn't missed on a vault in her last 33 attempts. Even with the fall, she ended up missing out on gold by only .108 points.

Julie Jacobson / AP
Quinn Rooney / Getty Images
MIKE BLAKE / Reuters

Maroney's reaction to winning silver? Let out your inner "mean girl."

The "Do I look like I want to hug you right now?"

The Avoidance Eye Roll


The Dagger Eyes

MIKE BLAKE / Reuters

The "Did you really think I'd be happy with silver?" Face