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    Mark Cuban's Dumb Gay Joke

    Maverick's owner Mark Cuban was on Bill Simmons' podcast earlier this week, but according to Boston Phoenix reporter Carly Carioli, who was in attendance, Cuban made an off-color joke that was cut before the interview went live.

    According to Carioli, the crowd's reaction was something like this:

    In the podcast that was posted, Simmons moves directly from Cuban saying that he'd "rather have 60 minutes of kiss cam" to asking about when American Airlines Arena was built (you can hear it at about 41 minutes into the interview). But that day apparently Cuban immediately tried to backtrack:

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    In a comment made to Ball Don't Lie's Dan Devine an ESPN spokesman said: "'The B.S. Report' podcasts are routinely edited and it was decided to drop those remarks out of the posted podcast." It is interesting that as of now, neither ESPN nor the NBA has said more about the incident, despite the fact that it's seemingly at odds with the league's anti-gaybashing initiative:

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    I expect that we'll hear from Cuban soon, as he has an active blog and Twitter presence. Here's hoping he just apologizes, rather than continuing to try to claim that his comments weren't "gender-specific."