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    Kyrie Irving Spent His Holiday Hanging Out With A Girl Named "VuhJynaSaurus"

    Nothing says the holidays like accidental sexy Instagrams and bad athlete damage control.

    On Christmas, Cavs star Kyrie Irving accidentally posted this photo to his Instagram and Twitter. He quickly deleted it, but the toothpaste was out of the tube.

    He immediately went into damage control mode.

    He claimed someone else posted it.

    He generally blamed "the Internet."

    He apologized profusely.

    He apologized to his girlfriend Natalia Garibotto. (Though he calls her his wife, which is confusing as I'm pretty sure they are not married.)

    All throughout the ordeal Natalia was getting inundated with tweets about the situation.

    Including from one person named Justus Wilkins, who tweeted the photo at her.

    To which she replied a seeming end to her and Kyrie's relationship.

    But she later deleted that tweet, and addressed the situation in a way that seemed to indicate that all was well between her and her NBA boyfriend.

    And for his part, Kyrie doubled down on his public affection.

    And a quick sidenote on Justus Wilkins. He attempted to extort Kyrie when the photo came out. Classy dude.

    Luckily for Kyrie the next time he sees Natalia, he has a mask he can use for protection.

    Mark Duncan / AP

    H/T Tom Ley at Deadspin.