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Kobe Bryant Joined Twitter, Is Amazing

#mambatweets for life.

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Evil Genius, Basketball Dictator, NBA Judge Dredd Kobe Bryant has finally joined Twitter. And he did it in a crazy Kobe way.

First off, loving the #mambatweets hashtag. That is going to be a goldmine of jokes. In fact just bookmark a #mambatweets search now. I have a feeling that's going to pay comedy dividends.

Kobe is the perfect athlete for Twitter. So many pro athletes have to constantly worry about their "brand." Kobe has spent year's cultivating his brand to just be: big asshole. That's tremendous for us as fans. He doesn't care who he offends. He doesn't care what people think. And now he doesn't even have to bother talking to the media to make insane, controversial statements. It's just amazing.